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Everything you need to know about getting married at the city hall - Wedding City Hall

Step-by-step guide for a city hall wedding, everything you need to know, requirements for getting married at the city hall, advantages of getting married at the city hall

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Welcome to our guide for a city hall wedding, covering everything you need to know about getting married at the City Hall. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but having it at the City Hall can be both simple and romantic. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to make this special day a memorable experience. We will also share tips and advice to make this day as perfect as you have imagined. To help you prepare and ensure a smooth experience, we will provide you with a checklist of all the documents and other items you need to bring on the day. We will also share information about costs and the booking process so that you can be well-prepared when the day arrives.

This is your ultimate guide to getting married at the City Hall. Let's turn your wedding dream into reality!

Step-by-step guide for a city hall wedding

Getting married at the city hall is a very convenient and straightforward process, making it an excellent choice for couples with a lower budget for their wedding or those who prefer a smaller ceremony followed by a larger wedding celebration in Stockholm. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you turn your city hall wedding dream into reality.

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Step 1: Book Date

When you have decided that you want to get married at Stockholm City Hall, you can easily book your wedding through stadshusets bookning service online

There might be a waiting period, as it is very popular to get married at the city hall. So, plan ahead.

You can also book cancellation slots through the online service. In this case, you will receive an email from the tax agency if a time becomes available, along with instructions on how to book that available slot.

 Step 2: Impediment assessment

You send a certificate to the tax agency stating that there are no impediments for you to enter into marriage. The impediment assessment is valid for 4 months.

Here you book impediment assessment

 Step 3: Invite guests

Once you have booked your wedding, it's time to invite guests. After the pandemic, the City Hall allows a maximum of 10 guests, including children and the photographer. These rules may change, so keep an eye on the tax agency's website and your email. If you don't want any guests, you will still need at least 2 witnesses.

Step 4: Wedding Photography and Videography

Bröllopsfotografi och videograf är en viktig del av ditt bröllop på Stadshuset. Det är viktigt att anställa en professionell fotograf och videograf för att fånga alla de speciella ögonblicken på din dag. Rekommendationen är att välja en fotograf och videograf som har tidigare fotograferat och filmat i Stadshuset - Dom vet oftast vilka platser som är bäst att fotografera på, på det sättet kan ni garantera fina foton och filmer från er stadshuset vigsel.

We always recomend our Wedding Photographer Martynas & Videographer Rafael who have a lot of experience with weddings at the City Hall. See more at:öllop-fotografstockholm


Step 6: Prepare your Documents

Both partners must present valid identification. The City Hall accepts Swedish identification cards and passports. If you or your partner do not have Swedish identification, you will need to show your passports. 

Step 7: Extra information

  • Not allowed to throw rice, flower petals, or confetti. However, soap bubbles and sparklers are usually acceptable.

  • Be there at least 15 minutes before your wedding; sometimes, you may need to wait outside if there is a large crowd.

  • We recommend booking your wedding during the daytime if you are also hiring a photographer and videographer, as the pictures and videos turn out better in natural daylight.

If you book a wedding photographer and videographer through Video House Stockholm you can choose to have your photos taken before or after the ceremony in the beautiful City Hall.

-Weddings at the City Hall take place on Saturdays in the Oval Room.

Advantages of getting married at the City Hall

Getting married at the City Hall has many advantages compared to other wedding venues. Here are some of the key benefits of choosing the City Hall as your wedding venue:

  1. Simple and Smooth Process: Getting married at the City Hall involves a simple and smooth process. The City Hall has a dedicated team that assists you with everything from booking to planning and executing your wedding. They will be there to guide you through each step and ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  2. Beautiful and Symbolic Setting: The City Hall is a beautiful and symbolic place to exchange your marriage vows. Its impressive architecture and historical significance make it a unique and memorable venue for a City Hall wedding.

Convenience: The City Hall is centrally located in Stockholm, making it a convenient venue for both the bridal couple and guests. There are plenty of hotels and other accommodation options nearby, making it easy for guests to attend your wedding.

What does it cost to get married at City Hall?

Getting married at City Hall costs only 1000 SEK, which is a great low-budget option for many couples who want to get married in a beautiful city setting.

Requirements for getting married at City Hall

Age requirement To get married at City Hall, you must be at least 18 years old. If you are between 16 and 18 years old, you can get married with the permission of your parents or legal guardians. It's important to have valid identification documents confirming your age at the time of booking.

Marital status You must be unmarried to get married at City Hall. If you have previously been married or in a registered partnership, you must be able to present divorce papers or a marriage certificate to prove that you are unmarried.

Residence requirement

To get married at City Hall, either the bride or groom must be registered as residents in Stockholm or have a connection to the city. You will need to prove your residence by presenting valid identification documents and other documents confirming your connection to Stockholm.

Witnesses For your marriage to be valid, you must have at least two witnesses present at the ceremony. The witnesses must be at least 18 years old and be present throughout the entire ceremony. City Hall can also provide witnesses if you are unable to arrange them yourself.

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City Hall's wedding photography and videography

Having professional wedding photography and videography at City Hall is a crucial element of your wedding. Capturing the moments and emotions on your special day is something you'll want to cherish forever.

When choosing a photographer and videographer, it's important to look at their previous work and see if their style and vision align with your preferences. You should also consider their pricing and packages to ensure they fit within your budget.

When it comes to photography and videography, communicating your desires and preferences to your photographer and videographer is essential. Let them know which special moments and details you want captured on your day so they can create the perfect memories for you to look back on.

Our photographers and videographers at Video House Stockholm are used to weddings at the city hall and know exactly the best places around the city hall and in the city hall to take pictures and film

Slutsats: Is wedding in city hall for you?

- Do you want an intimate wedding in a city setting? - Do you want only your closest friends and family at the wedding? - Do you want a less intimate wedding and then a bigger party with friends and family? - Do you want a budget friendly wedding?

Then city hall is for you!

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