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When you make a reservation for our studio, you agree that you have read the studio rules & the conditions for renting our studio. It is important that you read through all the conditions below. You are fully responsible for the safety of the studio and its equipment during your rental period. 


When you book an appointment with us, the time starts ticking from your start time, so make sure to be on time.
If it's your first time with us, we'll walk through the studio with you on site.
When your booked time is up, you need to be completely ready and cleaned up and leave the studio and its equipment as you found it. 


It is important that you pick up after yourself, use our trash cans for trash, you also need to take larger materials you brought into the studio with you out of the studio. Nothing that wasn't already in the studio may be left behind. 



Rebooking more than 48 hours before the booked time

You can rebook your appointment up to 48 hours (2 days) before your booked appointment, rebooking an appointment is done by sending us an email at with the new time you prefer (check the booking calendar first that the desired time is available) 

Rebooking less than 48 hours before the booked time

When rebooking an appointment within 48 hours before your booked appointment, half the total amount for your booking will be kept and half the total amount will be paid back to the specified card for the booking within 2-4 banking days.

No show 

If you do not show up for your booked appointment and do not notify us of any rebooking, the total amount of your booking will be kept by us. No exceptions to this rule, in the event of acute serious injury, a medical certificate must be provided in order to be reimbursed.

Cancellation of appointment

We do not cancel appointments already booked, but rebook your appointment to another date you wish. You have up to 12 months to use your credit for a rebooking. 


No food or drink is allowed in the studio or near the equipment. Food & drinks are only allowed in the kitchen area. All litter must be picked up and tables wiped down after use.
Coffee & Tea is included in the studio rental, milk is in the fridge. 

Alcohol, cigarettes or wipes are not permitted in the entire premises. For smoking, throw in the ashtray outside.  

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You are responsible for the security of the studio & its equipment during the rental period. Be sure to notify us in case you leave the studio unattended during your rental period. Do not take any equipment out of the studio. 


You are responsible for ensuring that the equipment is in the same condition as when you found it. In case of damage to equipment or the studio, you will be fully liable for compensation and will be charged for the cost for us to replace broken equipment or damage to the studio. We are required to ensure that all equipment is in working order prior to your rental period and that batteries are available for you to replace if necessary.  

Damage vs Wear 
Damage and wear and tear are two different concepts when it comes to the condition of a studio rental. Damage means any damage or destruction to the studio or equipment during the rental period that goes beyond normal wear and tear. Damage may include broken equipment, major scratches on walls or floors, and other physical damage not resulting from normal use. Wear and tear on the other hand refers to the natural deterioration that occurs on the studio or equipment through regular use over time. This may include minor scratches or scuffs on floors or walls, or minor wear and tear on equipment due to normal use.


- Put all equipment back where it was when you came in, and make sure all equipment is turned off and unplugged from the wall sockets.

- Vacuum and wipe the floor if necessary after you have used the studio.

- Throw all rubbish in the bins 

- Bring larger materials you brought into the studio that don't fit in the trash cans. Don't leave anything that wasn't in the studio before you came except trash that gets thrown in the trash cans.

- Wipe down the kitchen table and surfacesthe kitchen you used.

- Make sure all lights are off.

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